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Friday, January 17, 2014

As 2013 was coming to an end I found myself working on a new website and fishing the Louisiana Coast.  The Louisiana marsh was everything I’ve heard.  The nice thing about redfish is their tendency to be a little forgiven.  A trout bum like me can make a less than stellar cast and still recover.  Saw good numbers of 6-8 pound reds, some reds in the 10-15 pound range and several in the 20 pound range. 

Now in 2014 I am crunching to get the new fly fish New Mexico website up and going.  Actually Marc is doing most of the work, I just plug in the New Mexico fishing info.  The new website should feature information on Northern New Mexico fly fishing.  The local waters page features overviews of fly fishing the Cimarron River, Rio Costilla, Rio Grande, Red River and some private waters.   At the end of each river description there is a link to the fishing report.  The photo gallery will have photos from various fly fishing trips in New Mexico.  Look for a list of places to stay whether you are fly fishing out of Eagle Nest, fishing in Taos, fishing out of Cimarron or want a peaceful quiet place to stay in the mountains.   Somewhere on the website there is even a link to buy New Mexico fishing licenses.   Parts of the website are a work in progress and will take a little time to get the kinks worked out.

Our winter fishing here in New Mexico is pretty much limited to the Lower Red River.  There are several springs feeding into the Lower Red that help make it a winter fishery.  Look for a few midges and Baetis in the afternoons.  Keep an eye out for snow and ice packed along the trails.  The Lower Red usually starts getting consistent in mid to late February and continues to fish through March until mid April when runoff usually kicks in.

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