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Sunday, February 12, 2017


I’m home from the annual hosted trips to Playa Blanca and Casa Blanca.  Once again the trip delivered on some amazing fish moments, lots of laughter and pinched heart moments.

The first week was spent at Playa Blanca to fish the uncrowded remote Espiritu Santo Bay.  Weather throughout most of the week was ideal, mostly sunny with gentle breezes to light winds.  The week turned out to be an ideal week for targeting Permit.  The Permit Gods shined down with a total of 11 Permit landed which included two in the 25+ pound category and a couple 20+ pounds.  Oh sure, there were several pinched heart moments with a couple break-offs, missed hook sets and follows which is only typical with Permit that leave you with shaking head.  A few nice snook were landed including a 20 pounder.  Tarpon were somewhat active including a 60 pounder that was landed.  Many good healthy bone fish in the 4-6 pound range were landed. A couple novice saltwater fly fishers had a great time learning more about the salt and landing some really nice bones, tarpon and snook.  True to what Playa Blanca is know for there was one Grand Slam landed and a couple close to the Super Slam.

The following week at Casa Blanca was spent fishing Ascension Bay and the backcountry lagoons and mangroves.  The weather this week included a couple rainy nights, a rainy morning, inconsistent wind patterns and some strong wind moments.  Those weather patterns did their best to keep the Permit away, I think only 4 or 5 permit were seen all week.  The nice thing about Casa is the access to the backcountry lagoons when the Permit aren’t happy.  The bone fish in the backcountry provide some excitement with a plethora of bones around 4 pounds and good numbers of 6-8 pounders.  Tarpon and snook were a little finicky from the weather conditions but there were some hot tarpon and snook times throughout the week.  One of the best moments was Sue landing her first permit.  Congrats, Sue!  The pier at Casa produced a permit and a really nice tarpon.  As is often the case at the pier, landing the fish is the biggest challenge.  

Aside from the great fishing, the accommodations are ideal at Playa and Casa.  The food and margaritas are always tops!  A great couple weeks at one of the best saltwater destinations.  A must trip for anyone with Permit on their catch or seeking a Grand Slam or Super Slam.  2018 dates will be announced soon.

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